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We at Ekanem Orok Limited will help you provide the following services for your private clothing line production:

  • Garment sketches and illustrations 

  • Pattern Making 

  • Pattern grading

  • Prototype sample 

  • Tech packs

  • Fabric and trim sourcing

  • Garment production

  • Fashion Training

Apparel Production

We produce quality apparel of your desired style for every occasion. it’s affordable, authentic & unique

Prototype & Sample Making

We provide prototype samples for fashion designer's creative illustration for approval , to hep finalize the pattern for production. These are used by the designer and pattern cutter.

Pattern Making

We help translate the fashion designer design and illustration into garment through Pattern making

Branded Private Label

We help Private label clothing brand with making beautiful designs of high quality garment and finishing.

Blank T-Shirts Production & Supply

We manufacture  high quality blank t-shirts for your private use or commercial purposes.

Fashion Training 

Learn about the fundamentals of fashion designing to help boost your knowledge in fashion with our:

1. Online course at or

2. Get a one on one personal or group training at 

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