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Our Courses are accredited by Lagos State Ministry of Education FASHION DRAWING CURRICULUM There are 20 modules in this Fashion Drawing Course and a total of about 130 simple steps instructional video lessons to follow. MODULES 1. Introduction to Fashion Drawing 2. Tools and Materials for Fashion Drawing 3. Quick Fashion Sketch 4. Coloring in Fashion Illustration 5. Drawing the Body Parts 6. Drawing and Coloring Fabric Types. 7. Drawing and Coloring Fabric Texture. 8. Drawing Fashion Detail 9. Introduction to Fashion Strokes 10. How to Color 11. Drawing the Face 12. Drawing Simple Hands 13. Body Proportions in Fashion 14. Poses 15. Drawing Fashion Details 16. Fashion Portfolio 17. Technical Drawing 18. Fashion and Style 19. Fashion Drawing Project (CERTIFICATE) 20. Fashion Drawing Project (DIPLOMA) At the End of this Course: You will be able to draw, Illustrate and color various fashion garments using professional techniques including: Wedding Dress Jacket and Pant Couture Dress Drape Gown Jean, Shirt and Waist Coat Jumpsuit This course has an OPTIONAL purchase of the Course eBook (FUNDAMENTALS OF FASHION DRAWING AND ILLUSTRATION) after the course completion for future references. You can request the purchase of the Course eBook via the link:

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