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Our Courses are Accredited by the Lagos State Ministry of Education PATTERN MAKING CURRICULUM There are 22 modules in this Pattern Making Course, and a total of about 180 simple steps instructional video lessons to follow. MODULES 1. Introduction to Pattern Making 2. Tools and Materials for Pattern Making 3. Body Measurement Guide 4. Blocks and Patterns 5. Patterns and Garment Anatomy 6. Pattern Symbols 7. Fabrics and Pattern Making 8. Technical Package 9. Sewing Introduction 10. Pattern Block Construction 11. Bodice Block 12. Dress Block 13. Skirt Block 14. Trouser Block 15. Sleeve Block 16. Marking Seam Allowance 17. Mirroring Patterns 18. Aligning Darts 19. Correction Patterns 20. Matching patterns to the Body 21. Dart Manipulation 22. Pattern Grading Introduction 23. Draping Introduction 24. Pattern Making Project (CERTIFICATE) 25. Pattern Making Project (DIPLOMA) At the end of this Course: You will be able to interpret the technical drawing details from a fashion illustration or sketch and create professional patterns for the garment styles: Drape Dress Jump Suit Shirt Waist Coat and Jeans Jacket and Pant Couture Dress Wedding Dress This course has an OPTIONAL purchase of the Course eBook (FUNDAMENTALS OF PATTERN MAKING) after the course completion for future references. You can request the purchase of the Course eBook via the link:

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