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This pattern making course has over 120 easy step by step videos that will take you from an absolute beginner level with no prior experience to an advanced level, using our SIMPLE STEPS ™ educational learning system. To earn your certificate, after learning the fundamentals of pattern making, you will have to complete and submit a prototype of 6 pattern making projects in the following categories: 1. Drape gown ( Project included creating knots, working with stretch fabric patterns) 2. Couture Gown ( Project included bustier, wrapped skirt and lining patterns) 3. Wedding gown (Project included corset with cups, ball skirt and layering, under structure, 4. Jacket and Pants. ( Project included creating a classic jacket and a classic pant pattern including lining) 5. Shirt, Tail waist coat and Jean ( Project included creating knots, working with stretch fabric patterns) 6. Jump suit. ( Project included creating asymmetric mono strap jumpsuit working with stretch fabric patterns) This project is designed to broadened your experience in different categories of garments patterns. Duration 12 weeks Click below to view Pattern Making Curriculum in details:

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