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With more than 20 years of experience, studies and research in the fashion industry, Ekanem Orok™ a Fashion designer, Fashion consultant, Fashion stylist, Makeup artist, Image consultant, Photographer, and a Dressmaker, with energy, a solid record of accomplishments, and extensive involvement in her field of skill.


She is also a dedicated professional who believes in utilizing her impeccable fashion skills to always design products including fashion tools and fashion software trademarked as The Professional Pattern Maker™, that not only perfectly fit her client’s requirements but also exceed their expectations. ​ 

And with more than 10 years of teaching experience in the fashion field, Ekanem™ has earned respect, reputation, and accolades not only from her clients but also from the public.  

She is responsible for establishing the first International Italian Fashion School in Nigeria, Istituto di Moda Burgo, through her Foundation, Ekanem Orok Educational and Learning Foundation. 

​What’s more, she has greatly influenced and personally trained students who now are not only leaders of their own fashion field but also own and run their fashion schools. 

This experience has influenced her decision to venture into launching her own clothing line Ekanem Orok™ at 

Currently, she is writing and publishing books on Fashion through which she wishes to share her knowledge with the world. 


She is also created online courses at to reach more students worldwide and influence changes in the fashion industry and more.  ​

When she is not busy working, she enjoys cooking and dancing. ​

Her ability to keenly and readily learn new trends and techniques in the fashion industry, and a strong inclination for excellence, is what has seen her get to where she is today, making her, and her work spectacular and unique.

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