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Fashion retailer



Our fashion collections are perfect for those who are always looking for something fresh and trendy.

Our high-quality, ready-to-wear collection is designed to make you stylish and elegant, without sacrificing comfort. From casual wear to formal attire, we have you covered.

Shop our collection and discover what makes our brand the ultimate fashion destination.




Fashion courses


We believe everyone has the potential to create beautiful fashion designs.

Our private on location training and online courses includes Fashion Design, Fashion Drawing/ Illustration, Pattern Making, Sewing, and Computer Aided Design Programs (CAD) for fashion, are designed with the self-taught student in mind.

We use our trademarked Simple Steps™ learning method of study, making it easy for anyone to follow along.

Our courses are Accredited by the Lagos State Ministry of Education, Nigeria



Shiny Makeup


Image Consultation

We know that confidence begins with your personal image.

Our image consultation services are designed to help you dress for success, by analyzing your body type, face shape, and color palette. We then provide recommendations on styles and clothing that will enhance your natural beauty, and give you the confidence to take on every day.

With our expert image consultation services, you can dress for success, and feel confident in your own skin.





We pride ourselves on luxury, high fashion clothing that is expertly crafted to suit your individual needs. We are passionate about the art of tailoring and customizing your designs to fit perfectly, so every piece we create is made to measure.

Our team of experienced tailors are dedicated to ensuring you get exactly what you want, creating the perfect look that is unique to you.





Our mission is to provide quality educational resources to students interested in fashion design. Our Fashion Books cover topics such as Fashion design, Fashion Drawing/Illustration, Pattern making, Sewing, Fashion Drawing/Illustration and Computer Aided Design Programs (CAD) for Fashion, with a focus on easy-to-understand and self-taught methods of study.

We take pride in our trademark Simple Steps™ learning approach, making sure that every student can follow along and reach their full creative potential.



We create fashion pieces that are unique and magnificent, blending music and fashion like never before. Our brand is dedicated to offering the best collections that include afro beats, hip hop beats, and epic orchestra pieces, making your experience even more fun and thrilling.

Our fashion pieces are created and inspires with our music for all sizes and styles, and our music library has something for everyone. Join us today and let's celebrate both the fashion and music worlds together.



We understand that everyone's learning style is different. That's why we tailor our study materials depending on the course you choose, such as pattern drafting material, mannequins for draping and fitting, sewing equipments, and fashion illustration tools .

Whether you're interested in fashion design, pattern making, or sewing, we offer a variety of educational tools and materials designed to help you achieve your goals.



Our fashion illustration courses, offered free on our YouTube channel, use a step-by-step approach to teach you the basics of fashion design. We focus on providing comprehensive lessons that help our students develop a deep understanding of what goes into creating fashion design sketches. You'll learn valuable tips and tricks on how to create different poses, body types, and clothing designs.

We simplify the learning process so that even beginners can get started right away.



We are passionate about providing a comprehensive fashion education that fuels creativity and empowers individuals. Our courses are designed to provide students with hands-on training, so that they can acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their goals. Whether you want to create your own fashion line or work in a related field, we have the perfect program for you.

And best of all, we offer a free pattern-making class on Youtube to help you get started.

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